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Marketize’s Areas of Expertise

Marketize’s expertise derives from our extensive leaflet distribution services. We can offer you a wide range of services spanning from the basic hand-to-hand residential distribution, all the way to a bespoke distribution which allows you to have complete control over each and every leaflet you distribute.

Shared Leaflet Distribution

Perfect for a low-budget distribution campaign

from £30 per thousand

The Shared distribution service allows you to pair your leaflets up with up to two other non-competitive leaflets. A perfect, cost-effective service that allows you to distribute your leaflets with minimal stress.

Solus Leaflet Distribution

The Solus Distribution is ideal for receiving a good response rate percentage

from £55 per thousand

The Solus Distribution service is perfect for companies and businesses who are looking to have their leaflet distributed alone. This is effective as it’ll allow you to have your leaflets distributed quicker & with a much more successful response rate.

Super Solus Leaflet Distribution

An upgrade from the Solus - this service means that we guarantee that every letterbox within your area will be distributed to

from £70 per thousand

The Super Solus Distribution service means that your leaflets are given absolute priority. Not only will this allow your campaign to be prioritised above others, but we’ll make sure that every single letterbox in the area you’ve chosen is distributed to, this doesn’t include no junk-mail, but will include all apartments and flats in the area.

Consultation Leaflet Distribution

This service is highly useful when dealing with legal or sensitive deliveries

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The Consultation service is designed for local authorities or property developers. This type of distribution is geared towards a 99.9% household distribution rate – disregarding no junk-mail signs. If you’re a council and want to distribute a local announcement then this is the perfect type of distribution for you.

Hand-to-Hand Leaflet Distribution

A great service if you're looking to develop a personal relationship with your audience

from £15 per hour

This service is incredibly effective if you’re looking to target a large amount of people who are commuting on a day-to-day basis. Placing distributors at different tube stations over the course of a week can extend your leafleting campaign across London without much effort. This is especially effective if you’re offering a product or service which can cater to more than one person.

Business-to-Business Leaflet Distribution

Market your product or service to other businesses in your chosen area

from 0.08p per drop

If you’re a company that sells products or services to other businesses, you’ll find that this is the distribution for you. Focus your distribution in an area, and we’ll make sure that every single business in your specified area receives your leaflet. This is one of the only effective ways to get your company’s name through the door of your potential customers.

Marketize’s Other Services

Not only do we specialise in leaflet distribution. We also have a team dedicated to digital marketing – this involves taking control of your social media platforms, as well as AdWords and creating an online presence for you.

Why Choose Us

      • Fully responsive, comprehensive and highly punctual with every campaign
      • If there are any delays or issues with your campaign we do our best to compensate you accordingly
      • We do our very best to ensure that you receive every piece of data on time
      • We’re able to adapt to your campaign goals
      • We offer free support because we care about your campaign as much as you do

What Client’s Say

Incredible company. They’re constantly on the ball with your campaign and do the very best to make sure it’s completed perfectly.

Lucas Griffith

I had a 30k campaign which was scheduled for completion in 2 weeks. They managed to handle the campaign professionally and had all the relevant documents over to me in record timing.

Djamel Louboret

I had no idea how leafleting worked. I asked these guys for help and they walked me through the entire process. Very understanding and respectful people.

Gokan Akbas