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Welcome To Marketize

Marketize is a leaflet distribution agency that has 30+ years of combined leaflet distribution experience. All our staff has worked throughout the UK, gaining knowledge of each and every area from Cornwall to the Upper Hebrides. Each member has been hand-picked according to their strengths, making Marketize a leading entity in the direct marketing industry.

Our team of distributors is unlike any other. Our team is highly skilled in leaflet distribution, each having to pass an extensive trial period before they’ve even began to distribute your leaflets. Operating in teams, our distributors are able to cover huge areas in a day or two – allowing your campaigns to be completed, even if you’ve booked them in on short notice. Also, due to our reputation in the leafleting industry, we’ve been trusted with fire keys by the council. These allow us to gain access into apartments and flats, which in turn maximises the total percentage of coverage in your chosen area.

We constantly look for ways to improve and adapt to the advancements of the modern age. Our GPS tracking services have improved tenfold since our opening in 2012. We have now managed to distribute in excess of 4 million leaflets with every single leaflet being tracked with a highly-accurate mapping software.

What Is Marketize?

Our company’s mission is to make sure that every business who decides to use our services sees a visible return on investment (ROI) and gains a larger customer base via their leafleting campaign.

We at Marketize promise to distribute every single one of your leaflets in the area which you’ve chosen. This, naturally, goes without saying, but we thought we should reiterate it.

Every project that comes through our doors is valued highly. We can offer you our expertise for no additional cost. So, whether you are starting a leaflet distribution campaign for the first time ever, or if you are a seasoned veteran, we will help you and advise you accordingly.

Our Skills

Campaign Planning
100% Distribution Coverage per Campaign
Leaflet and Brand Design
Highly Accurate GPS Reports

Our Happy Clients